Fingerprint Unlock
Passcode Unlock
Key Unlock
App Unlock
High Capacity
App Management
High Reliability
DOJ Certified
Safe and Quick Fingerprint Access
A user-friendly semiconductor fingerprint recognition module that works regardless if your hands are wet or dry and takes only 0.4 seconds*.
*Fingerprints are encrypted, stored locally and cannot be accessed remotely.
Big Storage Space
Interior dimensions: L11.22'' x W6.14'' x H2.80''
Exterior dimensions: L11.98'' x W10.12'' x H3.27''
High Level of Security
DOJ certified.
A sturdy steel structure and a smooth scratch-resistant surface that provide lasting protection.
*The DOJ certification process involves a range of tests against lockpicking, tampering, drilling, sawing, and other destructive testing like atensile test, impact test, drop test and so on.
Easy and Hassle-Free Use
  • Manage fingerprint records:
  • Add or delete fingerprint records easily.
  • Manage passcode:
  • Add or delete your passcodes easily.
  • Gun safe status:
  • Access lock log, battery level and other information via App.
Beautiful Interior
Interior lighting that helps you find your items in the dark.
The interior is lined with velvet and a high-density foam base to protect contents from scratches.
Remote Management
View and manage the safe remotely. You can send passcodes, view the lock log, and sound alarm.
*Gateway purchase required for this function
Emergency key
If you forget your code, you can use it to unlock the gun safe. Please preserve your key in a safe place.
Take the Gun Easily
The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries that can last about 12 months.
High-Density foam base
Keep your gun without making a sound and prevent scratches.
The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries that can last about 12 months.
Silent Mode
Low Battery Reminder
Fingerprint Passcode Error Alarm
Type-C Charging
Technical Details
Ways to Unlock Safe:
Fingerprint, Passcode, Phone, Key
FAR: <1/200000, FRR: <2%. Save up to 20 fingerprints. Only stored locally
1-4 numerical keys, 8-12 digit passcodes. Save up to 50 passcodes
BLE 5.0
Power supply:
4 AA dry batteries / Type-C
Battery life:
12 months
Shell material:
Interior L11.22'' X W6.14'' X H2.80'' and exterior L11.98'' X W10.12'' X H3.27''
Place directly on flat surface / bolt down with expansion bolts
Items shipped:
-10℃ - 50℃
Operating temperature:
Gun safe, key*2, AA dry battery*4, expansion bolts*2, user manual